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Description: -Pre-formed Coolant Hose with GM Quick Connect Fitting -Billet Aluminum Coolant Plug with O-Ring NOTE: This kit is a standard item included in all WCFab LML Y-bridge Kits, Bundle Kits, Single, and Twin Turbo Kits.
Item #: WCF100252
Condition: New
Price: $79.95


Description: -Coolant Tank -Low Coolant Level Sensor -Billet Anodized Cap -Over Flow Hose -Coolant Level Sight Glass -Powder Coating
Item #: WCF100647
Condition: New
Price: $429.00

Description: -Coolant Tank -Low coolant sensor -Cap -Hoses -Clamps -Fittings -Powder Coating
Item #: WCF100644
Condition: New
Price: $329.00

Description: -Coolant Pipe -Silicone Boots -T-Bolt Clamps -Powder Coating
Item #: WCF100696
Condition: New
Price: $139.00

Items 1-4 of 4