About Us

Pop the hood on a diesel enthusiast's truck somewhere in North America and you may find my company's logo on the engine. Welded to an intake or intercooler pipe, this logo represents an awesome responsibility to the diesel enthusiast community that has supported WCFab over the years. It's a responsibility and commitment to ensure WCFab products meet the highest standard of craftsmanship and fitment. We care enough to put our name on it. 

Where We Came From

Our story begins circa 2010 in Sandwich, Illinois in a two-truck garage at my parent's house. Like many of our customers, motorsports played an important role in my life growing up. Dirt bikes, ATVs, snowmobiles, trucks, racing - you know the drill. When stuff broke, I didn't have the cash to have someone else fix it so my brothers and I did the work ourselves, and that eventually led to fixing other people's things. When I bought my first Duramax, originally to haul my race trailer around, it didn't take long before I developed a passion for diesel power as well, which led to even more work - so much, in fact, that by 2011 the garage was not cutting it anymore! Moving to our first shop in Sugar Grove we grew from 2,400SF to 8,500SF in only four years. By 2015 we were clearly out of room yet again and made the move to Sycamore into a 22,500SF shop. More than doubling in size allowed us to bring in a powder coating operation in-house which creates all those vivid colors you see under our customer's hoods. 

Bring us into 2018 we have made another leap of expansion into a 35,000SF building located in DeKalb, Illinois. We will expand our powder coating shop and add high temperature resistant ceramic coatings to our list of coating services. We're also adding CNC machining centers to advance our R&D work. Not only does WCFab stand for craftsmanship and quality fitment - it also stands for a willingness to learn, a progressive company that looks to the future and the advancement of diesel performance. 

Today Wehrli Custom Fabrication employs twenty one total that includes my three brothers Ryan, Mitch, and Chad along with my partner, Brittany. We're an ever-growing group of hard-working and dedicated individuals with talents streaming across the board. Our goal is to serve you, the customer, with the highest quality products and best technical advice combined with great service. 


Mission Statement

Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc. specializes in high-performance diesel upgrades and custom metal fabrication. At WCFab we take great pride in our reputation for providing the highest quality fabricated parts and upgrades for your Duramax, Powerstroke, & Cummins Diesel trucks. Since our beginning we have strived in producing the best products and service on the market, offering turbo kits and custom performance parts on many different levels for your work, play, or competition diesel truck. You can rest assured with the purchase of any of our custom fabricated MADE IN THE USA parts, you will receive the best quality product, fitment, performance, and customer service, before and after the sale. Whether you're looking to outfit your towing rig with our popular S400 over stock compound turbo kit, or if you're looking for four-digital horsepower numbers, we can handle it.