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2013-2018 6.7L Cummins 4" Intake Kit with Air Box

- 4" Intake
- Air Box & Lid Constructed of 10G Aluminum Sheet
- Dry Air filter
- Outerwear's Pre-Filter Cover
- Includes Installation Hardware, Silicone Boot and Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps
- Eliminates OEM Turbo / Intake Silencer (Resonator)
- Includes CCV Port
- No Tuning Required, Bolt On!
- Custom Powder Coat Finish
- Made in USA
Availability: WCFab Red, WCFab Grey, Bengal Red, and Gloss Black in stock and ships in 3-5 business days. 10-15 business day lead time on other colors.
Shipping: This Product cannot ship to the state of California
Pricing: $599.00
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WCFab 4" Intake Kit with Air Box for 2013-2018 6.7L Cummins equipped Ram 2500 / 3500 truck with OEM / factory style turbocharger.

This high flow, fabricated aluminum intake pipe and air box enclosure with dry filter assembly replaces the restrictive plastic factory parts on your diesel for improved engine performance. All new design significantly increases air flow to your turbo producing improved horsepower and torque, quicker throttle response, and cooler intake temperatures by drawing cold air through the inner fender and ram air duct in the grille. All aluminum construction features large diameter 4" piping with smooth aerodynamic bends to improve intake air velocity, volume, and provide more aggressive engine and turbo sound during acceleration.

High quality hardware, silicone boot, seals, and stainless steel t-bolt clamps ensure optimum durability and ease of installation. Removable air box lid element allows for easy visual inspection and maintenance of your WCFab filter with included hydrophobic pre-filter cover, to help keep your MAF sensor, turbo, and engine airways contaminant free. Air box provides mounting provision for the OEM air box actuator so that it can remain plugged in for CEL free operation, but keeps both grille and fender ports fully open for maximum air flow to your turbo.

Full assembly finished in your choice of WCFab's signature custom powder coat colors for a look as unique as your truck. Made in USA.

Replaces the following MOPAR Part Numbers: 53032944AL, 53032944AC, 53032944AD, 53032944AE, 53032944AF, 53032944AG, 53032944AH, 53032944AK, 68137142AC, 68137142AB

Note: Air box is NOT compatible with intake pipe from kit WCF100863.



Hey everyone, and welcome back. I'm Jason Wehrli with WCFab. Today, we have our high-flow four-inch intake kit for the 2013 to 18 6.7L Cummins.
The 13-to-18 has been a super popular platform for us over the years, and we've offered an intake system for this truck for many years.

Since we moved into our new facility here two years ago, we've brought many processes in-house, expanded and redesigned many of our products, and made many improvements to them. The 13-to-18 four-inch intake kit is one of those items that saw a recent redesign and improvement over what we used to offer.

We used to offer a basic four-inch intake pipe with an air filter at the end. They look cool. Many guys like that look, but it is better to have an enclosed box around that air filter to help shield away the engine heat and ensure you're drawing in cool air from outside the engine bay. So, this air box spent a lot of time in CAD. It's a very complicated-looking component, with many bends and things going on. The factory plastic injection molded box fits into a pretty tight area. It's got an electronically actuated air valve inside of it, known as Active Air on the 13 to 18 platform, which would essentially take the two intake ports or one forward facing from the headlight and one passenger side facing to the passenger fender and essentially operate that air dam to pull air from one or the other location.

So this is a feature that Cummins had on these trucks up until the 2018 model year and then it was eliminated in 2019. A lot is going on in this air box, and we have a lot of time getting this box to fit nicely in the OEM location. There is no need to bend or relocate any components, lines, or anything else within the area. It bolts right into the OEM location. We've got some newly supplied hardware for the side mount, and then we have a bung on the backside to use one of the OEM grommet mounts. Increased air intake is one of the improvements of this airbox over the factory. So, as I mentioned earlier, that Active Air module would allow the system to pull air from one or the other, not both. So essentially, your engine is breathing through either this hole or that hole, and in an application where you're running performance tuning, upgraded turbochargers, or anything of the like above factory performance levels, that becomes an issue that will limit the air intake.

The engine has and will become a restriction in making efficient, clean power. So, we've relocated that active air valve to the outside of the box. We include some mounts with some hardware to take the valve and mount it outside the box. It's still connected and doesn't throw any service engine lights. The truck still thinks it's there working as it should, but it won't shut off one port or the other. So, with our intake system, you'll always get air from both ports, doubling the air intake versus the factory box. And of course, ours looks much better than the piece of plastic. The top of the box is a nice simple to remove aluminum cover for stainless screws. You can pop off and have access and visibility to your four-inch high-flow air filter.;

So, the four-inch air filter we include in our intake kits is a dry replaceable filter. We do not recommend oil filters over oiling or excessive oil on the filters in diesel applications. If it gets on the intake sensors can be problematic to drivability and even cause engine lights. So we've always been a big proponent of using dry air filters for simplicity and ease of use with being dry, they're not washable. You get a couple cycles out of them, you can blow 'em out with compressed air and reuse them until they get too dirty. Then they just get replaced. We do include with all of our intake kits, our water repellent outer wears cover. This cover drastically increases the life expectancy of that air filter, keeping the pleats from getting clogged up with large debris and only the finer dust getting through, which is going to make the life of the filter much longer.

And of course, being a water repellent, keep that filter from becoming saturated if you ever were to get into any extra wet conditions. So our four inch high flow filter connects to our fabricated 14 gauge four inch diameter aluminum intake pipe. We're replacing the factory plastic crushed pipe. We're eliminating the internal turbo silencer that comes on the inside of the factory intake and we have a nice smooth flowing manl bent pipe from the air filter all the way down to the face of the turbocharger. You'll see we include both sensor provisions for both intake sensors in the redesigning of our intake kit for the 13 to 18 platform, not only with the box but also the intake. We spent a lot of time both on the flow bench and with test trucks getting the mass airflow sensors properly located so that this kit can be bolt on, no tuning required, no check engine lights, no drivability issues, bolt on right in the factory spot using all the OEM connections and sensors.

You'll also notice a slight dent here on the bottom side of the intake. It's pretty visible from the camera angle there. However, once it is installed, this being the turbocharger, this being the air box, it is hidden and not visible. That dent is strategically placed to clear the oil filter housing we get. A lot of people reach out to us after they open up their kit, they're excited, nice new powder coated, fabricated products and hey, I got a dent in shipping or somebody dented my pipe that is there for a reason. We wanted to get the largest pipe we could through the area with the smallest dent possible to not impede airflow. And that dent is just enough to clear that factory rail filter housing. So that is there for a reason. Last but not least, on a four inch intake, you will see our nice CNC machined bung here on the backside, which is for connection to your factory CCV system to keep that intake system emissions compliant.

One more thing I will touch on. The air box is in front of us here. We have our nice double bulb seal gaskets. This is a really nice manufactured pipe that we sourced, has two air bulb seals with a nice engagement ring here. They form fit to this opening here, which is not quite a perfect circle. It's a little bit of an oval with some straight edges, but these things being rubber, they get installed right in the groove here in both ports. They're both the same size and that creates a nice tight seal to the factory component being the fender and the back of the headlight to really keep out that hot engine bay air. So that's a nice feature that we include for the connection on the air intake. Additionally, we have this rubber edge seal that connects to the box where the pipe slides through so that the pipe is not sitting metal on metal beating away that powder coat and causing a vibration issue.

Last but not least on the four-inch intake system is our high-quality USA silicone boot connection to the turbocharger. This boot is a little narrower with a smaller style clamp than you would typically see on some of our other intake systems. With the space constraints between the turbocharger and the oil filter housing and wanting to get a nice smooth mandrel bent pipe in there, we're not able to use a normal length boot there where we would use a typical t-bolt style clamp system for the bead rolls to work and length of the boot. To be proper, we had to opt for a slightly shorter boot length, which is why we use these worm gear style clamps, about half the width of a conventional t-bolt. So that is why that boot looks a little smaller.

I will note that our worm gear clamps are high-quality worm gear clamps with an internal stainless liner. So when the clamp is tightened, the grooves of the worm gear do not tear into the silicone and ruin your silicone boot.

So, what gains can be had with a four-inch intake kit? Aside from the looks and the improved sound, the sound is one of the biggest. One of the most common things people buy these metal intakes for is the better sound they offer in addition to the looks under the hood. Don't install this intake system and expect 25 or 30 more horsepower to the wheels. That's not going to happen. If you want an intake system that bolts on and doesn't cause engine lights, we're pretty limited on what the factory mass airflow sensor can see before it gets unhappy and throws codes.

So to develop an intake system that bolts on without throwing codes, we have to work within those parameters where you can see some large gains with this intake system. You can see increased horsepower gains when you couple an intake system like this with performance tuning. When you put performance tuning on these trucks, EFIlive, HP tuners, EZlink, whatever it is you choose, and you start increasing the fuel flow and upgrading the horsepower and torque on these trucks, that's where that factory intake system becomes a bottleneck. The engineers design these trucks and the factory intakes to work at a specified horsepower rating. When you throw a hundred or 150 extra horsepower at 'em, those stock intake systems cannot flow the additional air needed. So, couple this with performance tuning, and you will see large gains over the factory unit.

That's where they shine the most; aside from looking great and sounding great, and of course, the powder coat finish, a lot of people buy WC Fab products for that bling under the hood and that awesome high-quality powder coat, and the customization that you get with powder coating. So this is our WC Fab Gray, one of our most popular colors. This one and WC Fab Red Gloss Black and Gloss White are considered in-stock colors. And we have these colors on the shelf ready to ship if you're in a hurry for a kit on a time crunch; buying a last-minute gift for somebody, you can choose from one of our in-stock colors if you're willing to wait a little longer. You have hundreds of different colors you can pick from it. If you want, customize the underhood of your truck to whatever it is you choose.

You can choose any of our custom colors for a small upcharge. If you've any other questions on the product we offer for 13 to 18, feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to our sales team. You can also check out on our website, our dealer network tab. We have dealers nationwide that can help you purchase and install this product. If it's just the intake system or if you're looking for one of the high-flow bundle kits we make for the fourth-gen, feel free to reach out to one of our awesome dealers. So that's a wrap. Thanks a lot for watching. I'm Jason Wehrli.


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  • 14.0 lbs.
  • W20.0000” x H20.0000” x L16.0000”
  • This item ships in its own box.
  • This Product cannot ship to the state of California

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