Jordan and team,

I want to express a huge "THANK YOU!!!" to you all.  A couple weeks ago, my buddies and I did some upgrades to my 2006 Silverado 2500hd LBZ.  Initially, I upgraded to Industrial 50hp injectors, FASS Titanium 150, EFI Live, DSP5, and EGR delete, that was it.  Then came the S&B Intake (didn't know about your stuff at the time).  After I did my PCV reroute, I had a horrible whistle and could not figure out why, turns out, the "O" Rings that hold the secondary input tube into the Y Bridge blew out.  I researched a lot, trying to find a replacement.  Google found you and after speaking to the young lady on the phone, I knew I had found my place of business.  

The parts are great!  Installation was a bear since I did not pull the turbo or the CP3.  But with patience and some creativity, we were able to get them installed.  I am really impressed with the performance, the look and how everything fit.  It's a bit tight, but I couldn't be happier.  I ordered the Y Bridge, cool side charge tube and the turbo horn.


Thank you for great products!  I will be looking for more parts down the road:

Up pipe, pedestal, and possibly a transmission to handle the upgraded power. This is a new area for me but it's been a good time so far!

TSgt Jason Bulgin
Air Force Enterprise Cable/Antenna Systems Manager

Dalton Saltz

Big thanks to Wehrli Custom Fab for hooking me up with an awesome kit, hot and cold side intercooler tubes, y-bridge, and a full intake, kit installed really well and looks awesome! Anyone thinking of putting some eye candy under the hood there's no further place to look than these guys!

Hey I just wanted to thank jason, jordon, and the rest of the staff for answering all my questions and for supplying everything I've needed from the flawless parts,pump, and piping to the knowledge you guys pass on. I don't believe I've ever received as much respect n gratitude through my mild build as I bugged wehrli gang for a few days straight lol. I just wanted to say thanks again n I appreciate everything! We will be doing business again very soon!

Jake Bender

I just wanted to say thank you for the time youve spent sending me this quote. I ended up purchasing this via Wright Bros Customs instead due to me being a stead fast loyal customer to him. I did have him get all this from Wherli and its installed on my Duramax. All I can say is Holy bad ass Batman! I frickin love popping my hood just to look at it..would you just look at it? WoW! Wherlis products are the Shiznit! Thank you , thank you! ok, i will settle down now. Carry on.

Jake Foster

Brennan Thomas? to Wehrli Custom Fabrication Inc.

I recently had my truck up at the shop. All I can say is Wow! Jordan Krodel is the man if you need anything I mean anything or any questions give this guy a call. Him and his guys are top notch! Iam so freaking happy with how everything turned out on my truck. I have a 15.5 lml I had them install there s475 billet kit and a new exergy 10mm cp3 pump! Also there Hd traction bars and have them put in a egt probe and new high pressure probe for my other turbo. I absolutely love my truck now it's a whole new truck and the work they did was absolutely flawless! ???????? These guys are the real deal! If you have a second thought on taking your rig to these guys DONT! It was all worth every Pennie! Thank you guys so much for making me feel like one of the guys and answering all my questions I had no matter as many as I had lol! Thanks again Jordan Krodel!

The kit/turbo and everything turned out amazing man I'm so pleased with it. I just wanted to personally thank you for answering every question I had and say that this being my first removal/install of a turbo I hands down would not have been able to do it without help from you. My truck is now a whole different machine!!

Sincerely, Brian Althizer

Pete, I been meaning to email you about thanking you for getting the truck done so soon. I really appreciate you guys over there at Wherli. I come from out of state not knowing much about the area but you guys will always have my business while I am residing in Illinois. I did want to ask if you guys happen to do lift kits or leveling kits. I been in the market to put a new leveling kit on the truck just cause the one on there happens to be a rubber spacer and after so long those begin to sag. Let me know, also probably by christmas time or after probably I will probably be in the market for some transmission work. Can you give me an idea of what all you guys can do about that?

Thank You, Dillon Popovich

"I purchased the single turbo kit for my LML duramax & I could not be more satisfied! Not only with amazing quality but fitment & powder coat color was perfect! Customer service was also great, had a question during after hours & was still able to get a reply from Wehrli Fab, thanks to Jordan! He made it simple for a first time turbo installation! Highly recommend wehrli custom fabrication! They have my business from now on!"

Nick Cable Somerset, KY

About a 2 months ago I purchased a add a turbo kit form you. After you helped me figure out what I needed for what I was wanting to do. I'm more then impressed with the performance of the truck now. It's completely brought it to life. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your amazing customer service and how happy I am with your products. I will recommend you all to everyone!

Thank you , Taylor Howard.